Genetic and phenotypic characterization of the etiological agent of canine orchiepididymitis smooth Brucella sp. BCCN84.3

Members of the genus Brucella cluster in two phylogenetic groups: classical and non-classical species. The former group is composed of Brucella species that cause disease in mammals, including humans. A Brucella species, labeled as Brucella sp. BCCN84.3, was isolated from the testes of a Saint Be...

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Main Authors: Guzman-Verri, Caterina, Suárez-Esquivel, Marcela, Ruíz-Villalobos, Nazareth, Zygmunt, Michel S., Gonnet, Mathieu, Campos, Elena, Víquez-Ruiz, Eunice, Chacón-Díaz, Carlos, Aragón-Aranda, Beatriz, Conde-Álvarez, Raquel, Moriyon, Ignacio, Blasco, Jose-María, Muñoz, Pilar M., Baker, Kate, Thomson, Nicholas, Cloeckaert, Axel, Moreno, Edgardo
Format: Artículo
Language: Inglés
Published: Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2020
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